You Must Prepare Your Bathroom’s Wall Before Installing Shower Panels

Need to assess the condition of the wall. If there are defects (depression, lumps, cracks), the wall must first be plastered. Also in the fight against wall imperfections, you can use a crate. Make sure that the wall is in good condition before you install the shower panel.

Before starting repairs, many wondered how to attach plastic panels to the wall, what tools were used. Traditionally it is considered that the best panels are installed only on previously made frames that will align the walls and stronger to improve the decorative layer. However, this method has a number of disadvantages, including high costs and reduced space in the apartment. At present, the method of attaching panels directly to the wall is more often done.

It’s easy to glue the panel if you follow a few guidelines and choose the right tool. As an adhesive, the adhesive is applied using thermogun specifically suitable; for example, so-called “liquid nails” interact perfectly with PVC surfaces. The decorative layer is also perfectly repaired with adhesive means “Moment-Montazh” or “Titan”. In addition, the excellent adhesive properties have polyurethane sealants, which do not expand when used.

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