Various Models and Types of Watches

Along with the development of technology, a lot of emerging models and types of the latest watches. Starting from what we often do with what we have never heard, these models are balanced by the addition of unique new features. For those of you who are still unfamiliar and don’t know the models of swatch watch, of course, it will be difficult to choose which swatch watch is right for you. The chronograph clock has a timer or stopwatch feature that can be useful for daily activities. For example to calculate the duration of time, race, etc. In terms of fashion, the chronograph swatch watch is usually quite thick with lots of subdials and buttons to adjust the stopwatch. So that makes the chronograph clock looks dashing and futuristic.

Analog watches are also referred to as standard watches. This type of watch only has 3 needles as a timer in it, a short needle as a clock, a long needle as a pointer, a thin needle as a second pointer. But now analog watches are more modified with an added date or day features.

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