Time to Rejuvenate in the Open Nature

The research announced in Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine, Japanese researchers sent participants to forested and urban areas. They found that ayahuasca in arizona participants who had undergone 20 minutes of “jungle bathing” (aka walking in the forest) had lower stress hormone levels than participants in the city. Experiencing stress results from mental tension and disorder. Therefore, you need medicine to ease the burden of the mind. One of them is relaxation which is useful to reduce mental and emotional tension. When was the last time you camped, during school? Plan a camping trip with friends or family. now there are also many organizations that offer interesting camping trips, so you can also expand your social network.

How to relieve stress with a vacation can be done in various ways, one of which is rejuvenation. What is rejuvenation? How to do it? Literally, rejuvenation means rejuvenation. When associated with holiday activities, rejuvenation is a process to regenerate yourself by making very real changes so that it can change perceptions, images, and judgments that are far more positive. For example, you can do relaxation, meditation or yoga on your vacation spot. With complete rest and pampering yourself with a spa, for example, you will find again the starting point. But if you only have 3 days and 2 nights for a short vacation, then doing an as much outdoor activity as possible is not wise. Not refreshing that you can, instead of feeling tired and lacking in enthusiasm for returning to work that you get.

Imagine a place that can calm you down. For example the beach with a view of the blue sea, mountains or colorful flower gardens. Then close your eyes, focus on breathing and imagine you are in that place. Do it for several minutes every day. Research from the University of California, Los Angeles shows that the body will produce fewer stress hormones (cortisol) when the brain imagines a beautiful and calming place.

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