These Are Several Types Of Car Paints That You Must Know

Not carelessly people who can do the painting process, especially if painting using spray paint. Spray paint is very different how to use it with paint that is applied using a brush. Painting using a brush is easier to do and everyone can paint with a brush. Paint using a spray gun can only be done with people who are experts who can only do it. Additionally, you may call the best auto detailing oceanside when you don’t want to paint your car by yourself.

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In addition, there are several types of car paint that must be known before the car painting process starts, such as:

Nitro Cellulose

Cat Nitro-Cellulose is a type of paint that is often used in large vehicle vehicles such as commercial vehicles and trucks. Can be obtained from the superiority of paint Nitrocellulose is a quick dry paint, but if used to paint the car, the result of painting is not too shiny and fade quickly.

Poly Urethane

Paint Poly Urethane or oven paint is paint that is often said to be expensive. The disadvantage of this polyurethane paint is if it is used for painting the car, the paint does not dry quickly, so if you use this paint, do it drying in the oven. However, it’s quality is very high.


Cat Lacquer is one of the paints that have cheap prices compared to other paints. With a low price so that if the paint is applied to your car, this paint will fade quickly.

So for those of you who want to buy the right paint then you don’t need to bring a vehicle that you will later paint. You can open the lid of your car’s fuel and you can take it to the excellent paint shop that you are headed to get the paint color that matches the car’s original paint. Buy paint with only the needs you will need. Paints also have many sizes, there are paints that have a large can size and there are also small cans. If you want to paint, then you also don’t forget to buy a tinner to mix the car paint you are going to use.