You Can Use These Tips When You Should Replay The Key Cylinder Of The Door

If you still don’t know why cardiff locksmith is important for us, you can read this article. We sometimes experience the problems related to the locking system. The lock is stuck or the key is broken inside the lock cylinder or there are parts of the lock cylinder that are cracked or broken. If there is damage to the key or cylinder lock, we can replace the key cylinder without having to replace all parts of the door lock in one set. These key cylinders are sold in the market and are easy to find. The head screwdriver plus (+) is needed if you replace the key cylinder. The steps are as follows:

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– You must open the door leaf in the open position and on the side of the door lock, precisely under the lock tongue and locking iron. There is a head bolt plus that can be opened using a head screwdriver plus. The bolt is the one that holds the key cylinder on the key body. We simply release and remove the bolt.

– After the locking bolt is released, we can release the lock cylinder from the lock body by pushing out the key cylinder from the direction of the keyhole. Because after the bolt is removed, the lock cylinder will be very easy to remove and can be replaced with a new key cylinder.

– After you remove the broken key cylinder, you insert the new lock cylinder through the direction of the keyhole as if we are removing the damaged lock cylinder. After the new lock cylinder is fixed in the right position (center), we just have to replace the locking bolt that we previously removed on the side of the door to place the lock cylinder in the right position. Your guide can be used again as usual with a new cylinder and key.