Sick People Should Do Yoga Carefully

Has yoga been scheduled but isn’t feeling well? Maybe you have a dilemma, do you have to continue yoga or take a break first Indeed, yoga is not a high-intensity exercise, so for some people, it doesn’t matter if you have to do yoga when you are sick. However, not a few of the conditions are getting worse because they are forced to exercise. So, can you actually do yoga when you’re sick? On the other hand, before we continue, you should also check out the Great yoga health articles and DVD.

All depends on the condition of the body

Actually whether or not yoga can be done when sick will depend on yourself. Everyone’s condition is different, some people may feel more refreshed after doing yoga even though their condition is not feeling well. While some others are just the opposite.

When you feel unwell, ask yourself if your body is strong to do yoga or not. Make an honest self-assessment, because it’s not uncommon to feel fine but in fact, the body can’t do it. In many cases, forcing yourself to do yoga when you are sick will make your health condition worse.

Conditions that make you not practice yoga

In general, many doctors give green light patients to practice yoga as long as their symptoms are mild, such as a runny or clogged nose. If that happens, you can still practice yoga as usual.

However, it’s different if you experience fever, flu, asthma, fatigue, stomach ache, and aches and pains in the body, it’s a good idea not to practice yoga. Under normal circumstances, exercise will indeed increase the body’s immune system, but it will turn around when you have a fever or flu.

Due to when you have a fever, your immune system is declining. Endurance can decrease if you are tired, because some yoga movements are also quite heavy, especially if done when you are not feeling well.

This makes your body weaker, making it difficult to recover from illness. Physical activity during a fever is also often the main cause of injury because in this condition you are more difficult to concentrate.

You should spend time resting, drinking more fluids, and eating high-nutrition foods to speed up the recovery process.

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