Do You Know The Habit Of London’s Residents?

Everyone can take an a2 english test when it comes to citizenship test. You have the reasons why the UK becomes your choice. Should you move to the UK? If you get a new job and you should live in the UK, you will deal with the citizenship test british life skills . Before you live in the UK, the following are a few things that you must know about the behavior of London’s residents.

Why should you stand on the right?

Apart from private cars, black taxis, buses and bicycles, public transport in the form of electric trains is also a mainstay of London residents to travel. Most train stations are underground, so to reach them must go up and down stairs. Luckily, the government gave road ladder services to make it easier.

The train station is close to many tourist attractions. Of course, this benefits tourists who rarely understand map directions. Train stations in London will always be full every hour leaving and returning to work. The difference with Jakarta is that the density of people coming home from the office only happens for three hours.

Why can’t I cross the street right away?

The deserted streets of London make the driver of the vehicle free to pass. Even though it still has rules about speed, but starting from the bicycle to the car, it will definitely accelerate quickly if there are no obstacles in front of it. Vehicle traffic control lights in London are red, yellow and green while crossing lights are red and green.

Why do people open the door?

In London, opening doors are not just a matter of men who are in love with women. Residents there feel they have an obligation to open the door for people who will pass in front of or behind him. Many Londoners do not know where this habit originated. In this modern age, the habit is still carried out even by young people.

Why can’t I smoke in a bar?

Not a few alcohol drinkers are also smokers. Uniquely, most bars in London, the visitors or guests can’t smoke in a bar. This is of course very annoying visitors must be willing to be hit by cold winds when they want to smoke. Some bars outsmart this rule by making a small garden behind the building complete with tables and chairs.

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