A Monkey Owner Gets Punished Due To Pet Suffers From Cannabis Addiction

Although the use of cannabis for pet’s treatment has been legalized in some places, it doesn’t mean that a pet owner can use the cannabis recklessly. It’s because there’s a case which involves a reckless pet owner due to cannabis in the UK. A man from England is strictly forbidden to keep animals, after a monkey that he maintains is known to have drunk marijuana. 23-year-old Joe Forrestal, who planted so many marijuana plants at his home in Maida Vale, West London, made his pet monkey positive for consuming marijuana. Therefore, we recommend the pet owners to use and store their cbd oil dogs carefully.

Monkeys named Caesar are kept in a cage and not properly fed. The team from RSPCA, a charity that handles animal welfare, said they visited the house because of reports of concerns about Caesar.

“A very poor Caesar is maintained in conditions that are incorrect and inappropriate and very heartbreaking to see. When we enter the room, there is a very strong smell of marijuana,” said RSPCA Director Nicole Broster.

“We were told that he was kept in the neighborhood, where he was exposed to marijuana and forensic testing was immediately carried out on his feather sample. This proved positive. It really is not acceptable when animals are treated like this,” he said.

Owner Caesar acknowledged the accusation. He failed to meet the welfare needs of his pet care. The Willesden Court, finally decided that he was prohibited from maintaining all kinds of animals for the next five years.

He was also fined at 40 pounds for each violation and ordered to pay RSPCA 1,000 compensation, plus a fee of 300 pounds.

The RSPCA states that currently, 5,000 primates are made as pets in the UK. However, animal rescue groups receive an average of one call a day for up to a week related to the welfare problems of monkeys that are maintained by humans.

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